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Educator Career Awareness and Recruitment
Tip Sheet for High Schools

"A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops."
- Henry Adams, Historian and Philosopher

What is Teachers ROCK?

Teachers ROCK! is a wonderful tool for getting high school students excited about careers in education. With just a few steps on your part, the campaign can be significantly more successful. Here's how you can help!

How can I help?

Step 1: Believe!

Since you have accepted the responsibility for attracting bright students to the teaching profession, you will touch the lives of thousands of students. The most rewarding professions are those that enable one to see the results of one's efforts -- and that enable one to leave a legacy.

Step 2: Commit!

Make a commitment that every single student in your school will become knowledgeable about the national shortage of professional educators and the opportunities for careers in education.

Create a team at your school dedicated to Teacher Recruitment and Career Awareness, such as the statewide Teachers for Tomorrow program. Develop collaborative relationships with nearby colleges and universities, including the campus career center and the education department or college of education. Use this tip sheet to brainstorm ideas for programs and outreach efforts.

Step 3: Equip!

Review the Teachers ROCK Recruitment Program found at You will find lists of contacts at Virginia's colleges and universities, information on tuition support programs, and much more.

Additionally, check out the U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics for short-term and long-term employment projections, preparation requirements, necessary qualifications, summary of work environments, plus much more.

For the Bureau of Labor Statistics' Occupational Outlook Handbook Teacher's Guide

Step 4: Connect!

Connect with current career awareness activities at your high school or create a team of professionals and students at your school dedicated to Teacher Recruitment and Career Awareness, like the statewide Teachers for Tomorrow Program. The Teachers for Tomorrow Program is designed to develop interactions that actively teach high school students about careers in education.

For information on the statewide Teachers for Tomorrow Program

Additionally, share information with your colleagues about the national and statewide critical shortage of teachers and the immense and exciting opportunities for careers in teaching. Ask instructors to regularly share their personal career success stories with students.

For Virginia's current list of Critical Shortage Teaching Endorsement Areas

Step 5: Broadcast!

Use every means possible: Web sites, emails, campus newspapers, alumnae magazines, campus radio, workshops, seminars and regular courses to spread the word about the importance of the teaching profession and its impact on the world. Provide specific information on how individuals can learn more about careers in teaching, such as the "On your mark, get setů. Teach" article in the 2013 edition of r u ready?.

For an electronic version of r u ready?

Step 6: Recruit!

Ask your colleagues to give students an opportunity to use career planning guides. Identify those students who have expressed an interest in a career in education or students who exhibit the characteristics of effective educators.


For the Bureau of Labor Statistics' Occupational Outlook Handbook, a nationally recognized source of career information

For the Teacher's Guide for the Occupational Outlook Handbook

Step 7: Expand!

Share Successes. Profile the personal success stories of accomplished teachers in your school newsletter or on Web site. Invite these teachers to share their experiences and to mentor students who are interested in teaching.
Develop collaborative partnerships with nearby colleges and universities, including the campus career center and the education department or college of education.


For information on the Milken Educator Award Recipients

Nothing Beats Face to Face. Host an informational event for promoting careers in teaching. On a designated night, invite representatives from colleges and universities, K-12 human resource managers or alums who are currently teaching to speak to your students about careers in teaching. Partner with a local college or university to develop opportunities for middle and high school students to visit campuses to explore career opportunities in education. Seek information on preparing for a career in teaching: visit the college/university campuses, request a speaker from the school of education, and review the Web site.

For teacher education contact persons at each Virginia college or university



Create an "Ah Ha!" Moment. Offer opportunities for students to experience the joy of teaching. Where possible, incorporate student-led teaching and demonstrations so your students experience leading a classroom. Seek volunteer opportunities for your students.

Meet the Parents. Many influences work on today's high school students. Peer groups, popular culture, and a favorite teacher or coach -- they all help to shape students' opinions and plans. But all of these groups pale in comparison to the influence of parents. Parents want to be involved in the career decisions of their children. Give them an opportunity to do that, by getting parents excited about careers in teaching. Work with your PTA to make it happen!

Step 8: Celebrate!

Please celebrate with the Virginia Department of Education, Division of Teacher Education and Licensure. E-mail highlights of your educator recruitment activities at


Please contact the Teach Virginia toll-free hotline 1-888-TeachV1 or e-mail to

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